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and Healing


Did you know?
Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and 
beliefs affect your health and well-being.

Your mind, body, and spirit are intertwined, so all are affected by what resides within.

False beliefs and negative emotions therefore cause suffering until you learn how to identify and overcome them.

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How do false beliefs develop?

False beliefs arise in an effort to protect ourselves from, and/or compensate for pain. These can be family patterns or unique behaviors. There is always a perceived payoff, otherwise we would never believe the lie in the first place. The perceived payoff however keeps us stuck in the same destructive cycles until we finally see that it costs us the very things we want.

How can this guided meditation help me?

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This specialized guided meditation will allow you to identify a false belief system, release the negative and blocked emotions attached to it, and develop new perspectives based in truth. 

It will result in greater awareness, understanding, and the empowerment to overcome tendencies which will lead to the improvement of your overall health.

What kind of issues can it help me with?

This guided meditation can help with


Whatever you struggle with can be linked to false beliefs and negative emotions.

 Examples include mental stress, spiritual uneasiness, emotional strains, and physical symptoms.

People commonly work on improving relationships, self-confidence, weight-management, self-love; 

overcoming anxiety, depression, and addictions: healing from abuse, forgiveness, etc. 


How does this guided meditation work?

After deciding on the issue you want to address, this guided meditation is effectively done over the phone while you recline in the comfort of your own space. 

With your eyes closed and in a fully conscious and 

relaxed state, you will be guided to the event when you adopted the corresponding false belief.

Seeing how the false belief developed through your guided meditation will give you a new perspective which will enable you to release the negative emotions and change your belief system at its core. 

What kind of results can I expect?

This guided meditation will work for anyone over 12 years of age who can effectively communicate over the telephone. It can be helpful and supportive to those who are in counseling or therapy and/or under the medical care of a doctor.

It is not meant to diagnose or cure any condition or replace the advice or treatment of a healthcare professional. 

It will be enlightening at the very least but your level of introspection will determine how effective your meditation will be for you. For many, this guided meditation has been life-changing! 

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