Natalie Wittmaack

Emotional Health Facilitator

In late 2016, I was introduced to this guided meditation and it dramatically changed my life. I was 46 years old at the time, and in my first session I came to learn that I had been intentionally holding on to my emotional pains of the past because I believed they would fuel my endurance for future life hurdles. Silly as that sounds, it was a conscious decision I had made many years before but which had become so ingrained in my thought processes and automatic behaviors that I didn't recognize it. Through my guided meditation however, I saw that the false belief was actually the cause of the very distress I wanted relief from, and that there was a different way of doing things. This was such a revelation to me that I felt as if the windows of heaven had opened, and I could hardly wait for my next appointment to learn more. I left my session more enlightened and relieved than ever while repeating in heartfelt amazement "I don't have to hold on to the pain anymore." Realizing I had been imprisoned by my belief was as if someone had just handed me the key to freedom. But what was even more insightful was that I had the key the whole time; someone just helped me see that it was there and how to use it. Not only was my false belief system a revelation, but realizing that everyone has false belief systems began to change the lens through which I saw and judged the world. As a result, I wanted to help others find liberation as well so I immediately enrolled in the 645-hour certification course and the graduate program thereafter. With a Bachelor of Science Degree and a 30-year professional career, it has been my Certification in Emotional Health and my work with this guided meditation that has been my greatest personal and professional achievement. Seeing the growth and development within myself and those I have had the privilege to work with has brought me the greatest joys in life.