what if i don't want to remember some things about my past?

You can trust your spirit and higher power to navigate you through your guided meditation of past experiences.
You survived. You made it through all the adversities life has offered. Your spirit and higher power will only bring forward those things you can handle and are ready to address. Their purpose is to lead you to  greater enlightenment, healing, relief, and happiness. And if you let them, they will!

Is this guided meditation hypnosis?

No, you are fully conscious and aware of your thoughts and surroundings the entire time.
You are in complete control of yourself and how you choose to navigate through your meditation. 


how is this different from counseling/therapy/coaching?

While other practices are very helpful and effective, this guided meditation will allow you to see a false belief system, how it is currently operating in your life and what its effects are. This will enable you to release the negative and blocked emotions and see things at a higher level which will affect lasting change at the core of your being.  


how much does this guided meditation cost?

This service is free of charge. I volunteer my time to help those who want to better themselves. If you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and embark on a journey of spiritual progression, please don't delay. 
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