The Power of Dreams

Purpose of Dreams & Nightmares

Your higher consciousness is innately creative and therefore communicates in abstract ways through dreams and nightmares to help you. The primary purpose is to get your attention so that you will look within and make some needed changes. Most dreams are specifically designed to help you see your false beliefs and negative emotions so that you will strive to overcome them and break free of their captivity. All dreams and nightmares are important messages but nightmares are most valuable because you remember them.


Most dreams and nightmares are not to be taken literally, but instead require careful interpretation. Dream books and dictionaries can be very helpful but introspective work is still required for them to be really effective. No matter how obscene, erotic, violent, disturbing, or grotesque dreams and nightmares may be, they are not meant to insult or offend you. The imagery is simply used to get you to 'wake up' to a greater awareness within yourself. All aspects of your dreams therefore are generally about YOU and only you. All characters (male, female, young and old) and vessels (car, garage, store, boat, etc.) represent you. Male characters represent the analytical, aggressive aspects of Self, and female characters represent the creative, nurturing aspects of Self. Even if you dream about someone you know, that character typically represents the qualities you associate with.


The context of dreams provides great insights to what you need to address and how to overcome your challenges, as long as you interpret them correctly. If you take them literally however, you will be misled and will miss their lessons. This often results in feeling badly about the imagery, but generating negative emotions is not their purpose. They are in fact designed to further your individual growth and progression and if you pay attention to them, they will prove to be an invaluable tool to help you in your journey.


1. Pay attention to your dreams and nightmares

2. Try to remember as much about them immediately upon waking each morning

3. Keep a dream journal and a pen next to your bed

4. Write down everything you can recall (even if it is fragmented)

5. Use a dream dictionary to help you accurately interpret the signs and symbols

6. Ponder and meditate about the meanings and messages

7. Make a correlation to either a false belief, negative emotion, or behavior that needs changing

8. Set goals to overcome the issue, and you will soon see the fruits of your labors

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