Does Someone Push Your Buttons?

The Purpose of Emotional Triggers

Just like the buttons in an elevator that provide information to take you from one place to another, your emotional buttons also provide information. They in fact alert us that something is wrong but most of us typically misinterpret the issue and simply see the 'pusher' as the problem. When this happens, the information gets lost and we miss the lesson while the emotional button takes us 'down' to a place of negativity. But to see the lesson means we have to look within ourselves to understand the purpose of the button in the first place. In other words, emotional buttons (or triggers) are simply alarm systems alerting us to a false belief system and blocked emotions. Rarely do we realize this and since we are the elevator, we therefore seek to put a protective cover over our buttons and strive to either keep 'pushers' out, or control their behavior. To compound this problem, we also adopt other coping mechanisms in an effort to 'feel better' as a result of the false beliefs themselves. Despite our best efforts to ignore our buttons though, life continues to send us 'pushers' so that we will eventually take heed to their purpose. So next time your button get pushed, dig deep and ask yourself some hard questions such as "Why does this upset me?, What is this situation trying to teach me?, What is the false belief that is being triggered?, What do I need to change within myself?" Often when we get emotionally triggered, the emotion takes over and dictates our reactive behavior, but paying attention and looking within does get easier with practice. Hand writing without analytical thought (what I call free writing) is often essential to getting the emotions out and will typically reveal the root of the belief that causes the stress. There are many other kinds of 'stress relievers', however introspection is the key to progression. Thus, the more you uncover, the higher you will go.

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